Will you project require biodiversity credits?

Are you concerned about the state of the planet? The world is struggling to cope with an increasing population and the ever-changing patterns of human behaviour. At the heart of the planet is the ecosystem. The natural environment produces the food that every living being needs, along with oxygen, and everything else that is necessary to support life. However, sometimes human actions can weaken the ecosystem, leaving it without the resilience to survive challenging natural conditions, such as floods and fires. At other times, human actions can directly destroy the natural world, weakening humanities increasingly tenuous hold on the planet.

The need for biodiversity

Encouraging biodiversity must be at the heart of strengthening the ecosystem, yet increasing biodiversity can be a challenge on a crowded planet where available space is limited. Biodiversity credits have been developed so that development and growth can continue without threatening the survival of the planet. In Australia, there are many indigenous species that cannot be found elsewhere, yet today, they are threatened both by building projects and more intensive farming methods. Often, land clearance and developing an important animal habitat is the only option available to permit necessary human growth. Buying biodiversity credits ensures that while one piece of land may be lost, a similar piece of land will be retained in a natural state and become a haven for plants and animals.

Why buy biodiversity credits?

When a landowner has a property that could be cleared for development or turned into farmland, biodiversity credits offer a possible alternative. When people buy biodiversity credits, the landowner is paid money that can be used for the upkeep of the land or to fund the restoration of land that is in a poor condition and must be better managed and conserved. Having purchased biodiversity credits, the developer will be granted permission to develop a similar piece of land elsewhere.

How to get biodiversity credits

If you need to obtain biodiversity credits before you can commence a building project, there are several steps through which you must pass. The most obvious challenge will be to locate someone who has biodiversity credits available for transfer. In the majority of cases, the landowner will be the individual you should approach to obtain the biodiversity credits. However, there are times when another company has that responsibility, so check before you make your approach. It is the responsibility of the one buying biodiversity credits to ensure that all aspects of the credit transfer comply with all relevant legislation.

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