Tips For Finding a Job Through an Employment Agency

Employment agencies are a great option when you need a job but can't seem to get one through traditional means. These agencies help both employers and job seekers, so not only do employers get qualified candidates for short-term and long-term assignments, but as a job seeker, they help to place you with one of these jobs. Here are some tips for increasing your success of finding work through an employment agency.

Let the Recruiter Know Your Interests

While you can limit the type of job you want as much as you like, it helps to be flexible. When you go for your interview with the recruiter, be honest about any and all types of work you are willing to do. For example, you might be qualified as an accountant but right now are willing to get work experience as an accounting assistant or office manager in an accounting firm. This gets your foot in the door and allows you to get vital work experience in the field you are interested in. It also increases the likelihood that they can find a position for you.

Communicate Often With the Recruiter

After you go through the application and interview process with the recruiter, they will then look for jobs to place you with. In some cases, you get your first assignment right away, but not always. It is essential that you keep letting the recruiter know about your availability, whether you are still looking for employment or you have found a job elsewhere. If they place you with a temporary assignment and it is ending soon, call the recruiter to remind them so they can find you another position promptly.

Treat Temp Jobs Like Permanent Ones

A common mistake people make when working temporary or short-term assignments for employment agencies is not treating it as seriously as a full-time, permanent position. This is only going to get you negative feedback from the employer, which might keep the employment agency recruiter from finding you more work. Every time you are sent on an assignment, be a professional and treat it just as seriously as any other job. Arrive early or on time, follow their dress code, and provide stellar work. This is what will keep you at the top of the recruiter's list when they have new job openings and want to place someone.

Working for an employment agency often leads to permanent positions as the employers would prefer going through a recruiter inside of hiring themselves, so this provides a lot of opportunities for you.

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